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We investigated leg-powered cycling in a recumbent tricycle for a paraplegic using functional electrical stimulation (FES) with the lumbo-sacral anterior root stimulator implant (LARSI). A female complete T9 paraplegic had a stimulator for the anterior L2 to S2 spinal roots (bilaterally) implanted in 1994. She was provided with equipment for daily FES(More)
Primary orthostatic tremor is characterized by 16-Hz motor activity that is coherent between muscles. It has been suggested that this tremor originates in the brain. This view is questioned by findings from a patient with complete paraplegia who experiences intermittent leg spasms at rest. The EMG activity within the spasms showed a 16-Hz component that was(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects millions of people and has limited treatment options. Surgical treatments for severe COPD with emphysema are effective for highly selected patients. A minimally invasive method for treating emphysema could decrease morbidity and increase acceptance by patients. OBJECTIVE To study the safety(More)
We have measured some oscillatory properties of severe lower limb spasms experienced by a low-thoracic complete paraplegic during assisted standing. Electromyograms (EMG) were recorded from the leg muscles while the patient stood passively in a standing frame. The patient also stood using functional electrical stimulation (FES) while ground and handle(More)
Key Recommendations • There is a pressing need for infrastructure investment in the transportation of oil and, most importantly, gas. The creation of a truly regional gas market requires large scale construction of gas pipelines, both within Mexico and across the border. • Regulatory cooperation between the energy and environmental agencies of both(More)
A 39 year old man with postoperative constrictive pericarditis after pericardiectomy developed major left ventricular systolic dysfunction with an anterior wall infarct pattern on ECG but no regional wall motion abnormalities by echocardiography or serum enzymatic evidence of a myocardial infarction. The left ventricular dysfunction resolved over two weeks(More)
Tetany following thyroid operations may be a rare complication. Yet Crile1 states that every surgeon who has had any wide experience with thyroidectomy is but too familiar with the symptoms of parathyroid deficiency. He reports on five cases. Dunhill2 has had two cases. Von Eiselsberg 3 reports thirteen cases in 1,157 operations for goitre. In England very(More)
Andrews et. al. developed an indoor rowing system for paraplegia using functional electrical stimulation (FES), and presented that the system was safe and healthy for paraplegia. However, the system would be better if the following three terms are improved: Firstly, only quadriceps and hamstrings in both thighs are activated by FES. Secondly, in order to(More)
  • Donald E Abelson, Duncan Wood, +4 authors Gayle Nix
  • 2007
Les gens, la sécurité et les frontières : La WHTI et son impact sur l'Amérique du Nord Las personas, la seguridad y las fronteras: la Iniciativa Relativa a Viajes en el Hemisferio Occidental (WHTI) y su impacto sobre América del Norte is a bi-national program supported by the Government of Canada, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and nternational(More)