Duncan Sanderson

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An understanding of the implementation process of CSCW in organizations can contribute to the design, testing, evaluation, and effective use of this technology. A dynamic, interconnected model is presented which is sensitive to the user, organizational, and technological context of the implementation process. The model is then used to structure observations(More)
Abst ract Various authors report that managers of teleworkers perceive the management of teleworkers to be problematic. To counter this, a multi-media mail type of application was developed that could allow teleworkers to create detailed multi-media reports on their work. In this paper, I report on the rationale used to justify the design of the(More)
1. How does a community develop an identity? What are the implications here for systems design? 2. How might one seed and then nourish an on-line community so that it can grow? 3. How can we support learning in an on-line community? 4. How does a community's practice evolve over time? Put another way, what mechanisms does a community use to select certain(More)
A number of studies have been carried out of the social character of the technology design process. In order to verify and extend knowledge of this process, an extended field study was carried out of a mechanical engineering project. During the study, six interlocking analytical dimensions surfaced which have have also been noted in emphasized here is that(More)
The use of new technologies to provide remote health care is a growing trend in Canada and internationally, and parallels the availability of broadband networks for the delivery of education and training. The introduction of new technologies into health care represents both a challenge and an opportunity for health education, and demands that physicians,(More)
ABSTRACI' Mdcry is proposed as an analytical and empirical concept which can be used in the investigation of a relatively unexplored dimension of design work. The concept is illustrated through the presentation of observations from two case studies, one in the field of software design, the other m mechanical engineering. Implications of the concept are(More)