Duncan Rowe

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Ionising radiation is a potent human carcinogen. Epidemiological studies have shown that adolescent and young women are at increased risk of developing breast cancer following exposure to ionising radiation compared with older women, and that risk is dose-dependent. Although it is well understood which individuals are at risk of radiation-induced breast(More)
Position-dependent gene expression is a critical aspect of the development and behaviour of multicellular organisms. It requires a complex series of interactions to occur between different cell types in addition to intracellular signalling cascades. We used Escherichia coli to study the properties of an artificial signalling system at the interface between(More)
Albumin excretion rates (AER) were measured in 30 insulin-dependent diabetics during a 16-week double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study of the specific thromboxane synthetase inhibitor UK-38,485.6 of 15 subjects in the active group had microalbuminuria (defined as mean pretreatment AER 20-150 micrograms/min); in these patients AER fell from 32 +/-(More)
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