Duncan Q M Craig

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The in vitro release characteristics of eight low-molecular-weight drugs (clindamycin, 17beta-estradiol, 17beta-estradiol-3-acetate, 17beta-estradiol diacetate, metronidazole, norethisterone,(More)
An investigation into the effect of water uptake on the glass transition of spray dried and milled salbutamol sulphate has been performed, with a particular view to exploring how the water uptake,(More)
The early prediction of drug-excipient incompatibility is vital in the pharmaceutical industry to avoid costly material wastage and time delays. We report here on the use of high sensitivity(More)
Hot-melt extrusion has attracted considerable interest within the pharmaceutical industry. However, there remains some uncertainty as to how to characterise the physical structure of the extruded(More)
To develop novel analytical approaches for identifying both miscibility and phase separation in hot-melt extruded formulations. Felodipine-Eudragit® E PO solid dispersions were prepared using(More)
A study has been undertaken using a range of established and novel approaches to examine the effects of milling on the structure and crystallization behavior of salbutamol sulfate. A combination of(More)