Duncan Prior

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A year-long monitoring program within an elongated channel-fan system in Bute Inlet of British Columbia, Canada, detected active sand-transporting turbidity currents. Measurements of bottom velocities and sediment collected in traps, as well as damage to moorings and equipment, captured the signatures of frequent energetic events. Maximum calculated(More)
A large crater has been discovered on the sea floor, Gulf of Mexico, in a water depth of 2176 meters. Deep-tow high-resolution imagery shows that the crater is cut into a low hill surrounded by near-surface concentric faults. Approximately 2 million cubic meters of ejected sediment forms a peripheral debris field. The low hill and faults may be related to(More)
In national health services, where there is a tendency towards a lack of resources and a continuous increase in demand, it is necessary to implement decisions that promote efficiency. In this paper we focus on potential diversification economies as a strategy to increase efficiency levels. We evaluate the change in efficiency in Catalan hospitals between(More)
A detailed high-resolution geophysical study of part of the continental slope along the mid-Atlantic margin of the United States indicates that it is an ancient, relict landscape largely unmodified by modern slope processes. The slope morphology is heavily influenced by bedrock outcrops, including joints and bedding planes, rather than by any single(More)
Launching a financial web site is already a difficult enough prospect. The EUBOS.nl web site wants to offer financial services to people throughout Europe using a bank that is both foreign to their country and whose presence is only a cyberpresence. Such a proposition will sink or swim based on its international sensitivity, its convincing brand identitity(More)
pected number for this area is 20.01 in each interval. The first four numbers are all two standard deviations above the expected number, strongly suggesting that seismic activity was indeed stimulated in this region. The numbers of earthquakes in the 8-hour intervals immediately preceding the explosions are reported in column 2 (Table 1), the last number in(More)
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