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A general understanding of the laws and regulations of the applicable standards of conduct in the use of controlled drugs will assist every physician in recognizing potential problems and dealing with them in an effective manner without the risk of disciplinary action. The investigators for the Arkansas State Medical Board routinely check controlled drug(More)
Health care professionals are urged to be alert to the potential for adverse effects common to the use of anabolic steroids by athletes and others, including high school and college students active in varsity sports or body lifting. The Department of Health, Division of Pharmacy Services and Drug Control asks for cooperation and assistance in helping combat(More)
The authors assess the expected economic impact of three exotic diseases on the pig industry of Australia. An integrated epidemiological/economic approach was used to assess the effects of classical swine fever, Nipah virus and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome. Scenarios involving either an epidemic event, in which the outbreaks were confined(More)