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OBJECTIVES To engage with the experiential phenomena of men's self-harm, to get a sense of its 'feel', its character, and to relate these things in a useful and authentic way. DESIGN Qualitative in-depth interview study with design input from service users' groups. METHOD Hermeneutic phenomenology. Two interviews with each of four participants in their(More)
Current-generation Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), such as AlexNet and VGG, rely heavily on dense floating-point matrix multiplication (GEMM), which maps well to GPUs (regular parallelism, high TFLOP/s). Because of this, GPUs are widely used for accelerating DNNs. Current FPGAs offer superior energy efficiency (Ops/Watt), but they do not offer the performance(More)
OBJECTIVES To approach the experience of 'happiness' and 'mania' for people who have been given a diagnosis of 'bipolar disorder' and to explore how they might differentiate or associate between these experiences. DESIGN A qualitative design was used in which four participants who had been given a diagnosis of 'bipolar disorder' were interviewed(More)
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