Duncan L Macfarlane

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A single CCD/DSP camera based optical system affords six degree of freedom motion tracking for MRI applications with resolutions in the range of < 50 microradians and 10-100 microns. The fiducial target is a lightweight compact three dimensional pattern that allows efficient, centroid based algorithms to determine distance translation and angle rotation at(More)
An etched beam splitter (EBS) photonic coupler based on frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) is designed, fabricated and characterized in the InP/InGaAsP material system. The EBS offers an ultra compact footprint (8x11 μm) and a complete range of bar/cross coupling ratio designs. A novel pre-etching process is developed to achieve sufficient depth of(More)
An integrated photonic architecture is introduced and used to realize an optical filter with direct form I realization. The architecture offers gain from semiconductor optical amplifiers, and this gain results in an active optical filter whose filter response depends on the individual gains. The presence of gain provides advantages in filter performance,(More)
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