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When exploring noisy or visually complex data, such as seismic data from the oil and gas industry, it is often the case that algorithms cannot completely identify features of interest. Human intuition must complete the process. Given the nature of intuition, this can be a source of differing interpretations depending on the human expert, thus we do not have(More)
Response mode analysis seeks to classify the utterances of psychotherapists and others offering personal help, with respect to the interpersonal function of the utterance. It is applicable in diverse settings, and irrespective of the theoretical orientation of the helper or the researcher. The present study presents reliability data on a new such system of(More)
In this paper, we address the interpretation of seismic imaging datasets from the oil and gas industry—a process that requires expert knowledge to identify features of interest. This is a subjective process as it is based on human expertise and thus it often results in multiple views and interpretations of a feature in a collaborative environment.(More)
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