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The electrical phenomena that occur at sympathetic varicosities due to the release of ATP include spontaneous and evoked excitatory junction potentials (SEJPs and EJPs; recorded with an intracellular electrode) as well as fast and slow excitatory junctional currents (EJCs; recorded with a loose-patch electrode placed over varicosities). The electrical(More)
The distribution of P2X receptors on neurons in rat superior cervical ganglia and lability of P2X receptors on exposure to agonists were determined. Antibody labeling of each P2X subtype P2X(1)-P2X(7) showed neurons isolated into culture possessed primarily P2X(2) subunits with others occurring in order P2X(7) > P2X(6) > P2X(3) > P2X(1) > P2X(5) > P2X(4).(More)
Biochemical abnormalities have been reported in dystrophin-deficient muscle of boys with Duchenne (severe Xp21) muscular dystrophy or in the murine (mdx) model of the disease. These abnormalities include altered energy metabolism and responses to osmotic shock. In contrast, the situation in brain is less well understood and it is probable that dystrophin is(More)
Secretion of noradrenaline from large dense-core vesicles in chromaffin cells involves both rapid and slow components of exocytosis which are differentially sensitive to changes in external calcium, osmotic pressure and interruption of the interacting SNARE proteins. Electrical signs of secretion of ATP from sympathetic nerve terminals of mouse vas(More)
Johansson (1973 Perception & Psychophysics 14 201-211) suggested that point-light displays that are static -- so-called 'snapshots' -- contain little or no information about the actor or their action. Here we present data that suggest even naive observers can perceive such information from static point-light arrays. Observers were able, at rates better than(More)
Sex perceptions, or more particularly, sex discriminations and sex categorisations, are high-value social behaviours. They mediate almost all inter-personal interactions. The two experiments reported here had the aim of exploring some of the basic characteristics of the processes giving rise to sex perceptions. Experiment 1 confirmed that human hands can be(More)
A quantitative model is provided which describes how noradrenaline (NAd), released from varicosities at the adventitial surface of an artery, either diffuses into the media of the vessel to reach the intimal surface, diffuses into the volume of solution surrounding the artery, or is removed by the uptake 1 process in the varicosities. These predictions are(More)
Physical inversion of whole or partial human body representations typically has catastrophic consequences on the observer's ability to perform visual processing tasks. Explanations usually focus on the effects of inversion on the visual system's ability to exploit configural or structural relationships, but more recently have also implicated motion or(More)
Visually judging the sex of another can be achieved easily in most social encounters. When the signals that inform such judgements are weak (e.g. outdoors at night), observers tend to expect the presence of males-an expectation that may facilitate survival-critical decisions under uncertainty. The present aim was to examine whether this male bias depends on(More)