Duncan Dickinson

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Relocation of elderly clients between residential establishments can be unsettling, although good preparation can help reduce negative effects and contribute to successful transfer. However, it is less clear whether preparation is feasible for residents with cognitive deficits and clarification of this issue was the objective of the study. Results indicated(More)
This study compares the social support network of a diagnostically heterogeneous group of community mental health service users recently discharged from acute inpatient units, with that of a mental health service user comparison group with no history of hospital admission. Social data were elicited by a structured interview schedule (the Social Network(More)
The organizers of the fifth international conference on Open Repositories list nine polar dichotomies that represent " The Grand Integration Challenge " for the repository community/movement. In this paper we take up the challenge. We do so in the context of a program of work being undertaken at our institution to build infrastructure for the academy in(More)
This poster describes the architecture of a new kind of digital repository service that includes components that run on desktop computers, designed to close the gap between Institutional Repositories (IRs) and the day-to-day electronic work environment used by researchers, and to address the too-often heard cry from repository managers of "we built it but(More)
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