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One aim of this study was to determine the relative contribution of partner conflict and support to satisfaction with a romantic relationship when conflict and support are measured in terms of the same characteristics. Another aim was to ascertain whether support is indirectly associated with relationship satisfaction through reduced conflict and(More)
A major aim of this study was to determine whether the association between support and conflict would be weaker when assessed in terms of a specific instance than in general and, if so, whether conflict as well as depression would mediate the association between support and satisfaction with a romantic relationship as suggested by Cutrona (1996). The(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide estimates of the age-adjusted incidence and lifetime risk of ovarian cancer in subgroups of women defined by key risk factors. METHODS We combined data from seven case-control studies (1122 cases and 5359 controls) with Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results incidence data to estimate the incidence rate and probability of(More)
This study is an examination of the extent to which satisfaction with a main current romantic relationship is associated with negative conflict, demand for approval, self-esteem, and the 3 facilitative conditions of unconditional regard, empathy, and congruence. One or more of these conditions have been proposed as important determinants of relationship(More)
Partial correlation and standardized partial regression are widely used to control for other variables in cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. Two aspects of these statistics can radically alter the interpretation of data and so deserve attention. First, their sign will be opposite to that of the original zero-order correlation when this correlation is(More)
  • D Cramer
  • 1991
The factorial structure of a nine-item Framingham Type A Scale, the 30-item General Health Questionnaire, the 57-item Eysenck Personality Inventory and a 20-item checklist of predominantly physical symptoms was examined in a nationally representative sample of 3065 women and 2520 men. For both women and men, the six principal components extracted from the(More)
In this study the question of whether conflicts over minor issues and over major issues were equally strongly related to satisfaction in romantic relationships was examined. Sixty-four women and 29 men completed the Hendrick (1988) Relationship Assessment Scale for their current main romantic relationship and a 12-item conflict scale (Cramer, 2000b) for(More)