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The paper discusses the use of formal methods for the analysis of architectural models expressed in the modeling language AADL. AADL describes the system as a collection of interacting components. The AADL standard prescribes semantics for the thread components and rules of interaction between threads and other components in the system. We present a(More)
Although the use of performance efficiency measures (speed, movement economy, errors) and ergonomic assessments are relatively well established, the evaluation of cognitive outcomes is rare. This report makes the case for assessment strategies that include mental workload measures as a way to improve training scenarios and training/operating environments.(More)
Neuronal cells from 1-day-old rat brain in primary culture have been utilized in the present study to characterize insulin-binding sites and a possible action of insulin on these cells. Binding of 125I-insulin to neuronal cultures was 90% specific and time-dependent and reached equilibrium in 120 min. Specific binding was reversible with greater than 90% of(More)
Twelve of 129 black patients with youth-onset diabetes were identified as having an unusual clinical course, with apparent insulin dependence at the time of presentation followed by absence of dependence months to years later. This atypical form of diabetes was found in at least two generations in 9 of the 12 families of the propositi. Fourteen of the(More)
The present study was conducted to characterize insulin receptors and to determine the effects of insulin in synaptosomes prepared from adult rat brains. Binding of 125I-insulin to synaptosome insulin receptors was highly specific and time dependent: equilibrium binding was obtained within 60 minutes, and a t1/2 of dissociation of 26 minutes. Cross-linking(More)
Depolarization of neuronal cells in primary culture from the rat brain by potassium ions in the presence of calcium or by veratridine caused a greater than three-fold stimulation of release of immunoreactive insulin. HPLC of the released insulin immunoreactivity from the neuronal cultures comigrated with the two rat insulins. The depolarization-induced(More)
The kinetics of 125I-insulin binding and physiological activity of insulin on glial cells cultured from brains of 1-day-old rats have been studied. Binding of 125I-insulin to cultured glial cells was specific, reversible, and time-dependent. Porcine and chicken insulin competed equally for 125I-insulin binding while other hormones or insulin analogs(More)
Neuronal cells in primary culture have been demonstrated to possess specific insulin receptors (Boyd et al., J. Biol. Chem., 260 (1985) 15880-15884). Incubation of these cultures with insulin causes a dose-dependent inhibition of maprotiline-sensitive [3H]norepinephrine uptake. Maximum inhibition of 95% of maprotiline-sensitive norepinephrine uptake was(More)