Duncan Clarke

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VERSA is a tool that assists in the algebraic analysis of real-time systems. It is based on ACSR, a timed process algebra designed to express resource-bound real-time distributed systems. VERSA is designed to be both a usable and useful tool for the analysis of ACSR speciications. Usability is assured by a exible user interface that uses ACSR's traditional(More)
We present a framework for testing timing constraints of real-time systems. Our tests are automatically derived from speciications of minimum and maximum allowable delays between input/output events in the execution of a system. Our test derivation scheme uses a graphical speciication formalism for timing constraints, and the real-time process algebra(More)
We present a toolset for the behavioral verification and validation of architectural models of embedded systems expressed in the language AADL. The toolset provides simulation and timing analysis of AADL models. Underlying both tools is a process-algebraic implementation of AADL semantics. The common implementation of the semantics ensures consistency in(More)
We report on a tool we have developed that automates the derivation of tests from specifications. The tool implements conformance testing techniques to derive symbolic tests that incorporate their own oracles from formal operational specifications. It was applied for testing a simple version of the CEPS (Common Electronic Purse Specification).