Duncan A. Mellichamp

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In a multi input and output (MIMO) process mathematical modeling of the physical systems has gained importance due to the complexity of interactions within the system. All the parameters used in a model cannot be determined accurately. The major problem in a multivariable process is that loop interaction can arise and cause difficulty in feedback control(More)
The process control course should continue to be a required course for chemical engineering undergraduates because of its fundamental importance and because a large number of graduates are employed in manufacturing or fields connected to manufacturing. Process control technology has changed considerably during the past 15 years, requiring that text books be(More)
Multivariable control systems suffer very much from unwanted interactions among control loops. Change in setpoint of one variable may cause other variables to deviate from their respective steady states because of couplings between unpaired variables. Due to unreliability problems, conventional decouplers are not appropriate for higher order processes. This(More)
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