Dun-Yu Hsiao

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Large-scale, ground-level urban imagery has recently developed as an important element of online mapping tools such as Google's Street View. Such imagery is extremely valuable in a number of potential applications, ranging from augmented reality to 3D modeling, and from urban planning to monitoring city infrastructure. While such imagery is already(More)
We consider the problem of classifying a test sample given incomplete information. This problem arises naturally when data about a test sample is collected over time, or when costs must be incurred to compute the classification features. For example, in a distributed sensor network only a fraction of the sensors may have reported measurements at a certain(More)
With powerful computer and mighty software, seasoned users could turn digital media into what they want. The detection of digital tampering has become a crucial problem. In most of the time, digital tampering is not perceptible by human: however, some traces of digital tampering may be left in the media during the process. Based on this idea, we present a(More)
The insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) stimulate the growth and differentiation of muscle cells. IGF-II, the principal IGF peptide expressed by differentiating muscle cells, has been implicated in at least two autocrine/paracrine actions in this tissue: stimulation of differentiation and down-regulation of the IGF-I receptor. To determine which IGF receptor(More)
The insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) stimulate the differentiation of skeletal muscle cells. IGF binding proteins (IGFBPs), which are expressed by skeletal muscle cells, may enhance or inhibit IGF actions. To explore the role of skeletal muscle-derived IGFBPs in IGF-induced myogenesis, we compared the differentiation-inducing effects of IGF-I and(More)
Skeletal myoblasts are inherently programmed to leave the cell cycle and begin the differentiation process following removal of exogenous growth factors. Serum withdrawal results in a marked induction of IGF production which is essential for skeletal muscle differentiation in vitro. However, the potential role of the tyrosine kinase IGF-I receptor (thought(More)
We are interested in reconstructing real world locations as detailed 3D models, but to achieve this goal, we require a large quantity of photographic data. We designed a game to employ the efforts and digital cameras of everyday people to not only collect this data, but to do so in a fun and effective way. The result is PhotoCity, a game played outdoors(More)
Acting through hormonal and/or autocrine/paracrine mechanisms, the insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) stimulate the differentiation of muscle cells. Previous studies have suggested that one mechanism by which IGFs stimulate muscle cell differentiation is by increasing the expression of myogenin, a DNA binding protein that regulates the expression of(More)
In this paper, we propose an effective scheme to enhance the visual details at the minimal cost of user adjustments. The uprising importance of automatic tone reproduction comes from the increasing population of digital archive programs, which contains a large number of images/videos either old irreproducible, or poorly captured. We attempt to solve above(More)