Dun Nan Liu

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Mobility system is the key part of planetary rover which determines the effects of planet exploration. A rover with asymmetric mobility system is proposed for enhancing locomotion performance in rough terrain. The rover has an integral and statically indeterminate structure with six wheels asymmetrically joined at the two sides by suspension mechanism.(More)
It is one of the most important technologies for lunar exploration to reconstruct three-dimensional terrain and generate digital terrain map by the stereo vision. The algorithm of generating digital terrain map based on binocular vision system is studied in this paper. Polar rectification and stereo match are made for image before three-dimensional(More)
Most of planetary rovers have 6 wheels, and a symmetric statically determinate configuration is adopted. This special feature makes rover being unable to overcome ditches and vertical obstacles. A new six axes indeterminate configuration of asymmetric lunar rover is proposed in this paper, and a prototype rover is made. Several important technical problems(More)
Basic: With the proposal of the smart grid strategy, there are higher requirement for the real time dispatching and unit commitment, objectively, the new generation of unit commitment should be dynamic, smart, refining efficiency and operable. The multi-objective unit commitment intelligent optimization system for unit commitment based on the power grid(More)
The position and attitude identification of rover is very important for the lunar exploration, which is the precondition of path planning and trajectory tracking control of rover. It is a effective method by visual servo tracking for rover. The motion tracking model based on Kalman filter is proposed by visual feedback signal. The equations are derived for(More)
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