Dumitru Stanciu

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The paper presents switching power supplies with MC34063 and muA78S40 monolithic switching regulator subsystems and DC-DC step-down converter. General description of MC34063 and muA78S40 operation modes, mathematical design and PSpice under ORCAD simulation of the whole switching power supply, a numerical example and the practical implementation are(More)
This paper presents a study about a single-phase shunt active power filter with sliding mode control. The operation mode of the shunt active filter is detailed, introducing a new operating mode for the inverter in order to improve the behavior of the line current during the zero-passings. Regarding sliding mode control, the sliding surface, the existence(More)
In this paper a three-phase shunt active power filter with sliding mode control is presented. The reference current is determined in a simple manner by multiplying each phase voltage with a factor depending on the power absorbed by the nonlinear load. Sliding mode is analyzed on each phase considering the interactions between the three phases. The system(More)
The paper presents a PWM control system of a sinusoidal voltage using a single-phase inverter that comprises at the output a LC low-pass filter with resistive load. The PWM control strategy of a sinusoidal voltage and the optimization of the control loop via the modulus criterion, for step input signals, are presented. The steady-state error of the PWM(More)
The paper presents and analyses a control system for the Boost converter in which sliding mode control and classical PWM are combined into a fixed frequency sliding mode control system that emphasizes the advantages of both control methods. This leads to good responses of the power converter in dynamic and in steady-state regime, but a proper estimation of(More)
This paper presents a simple solution for the implementation of a single-phase shunt active power filter with improved sliding mode control. The operation mode of the inverter bridge is unipolar, but also bipolar, only for certain periods during the zero-passings of the line current. The sliding surface and the equivalent control are analyzed. The(More)
The paper proposes a simple vector control solution for the current of a multiresonant load consisting of a induction motor and a capacitive filter, without speed-sensor. The system controls the rotor flux magnitude, the motor speed, without speed sensor, it calculates the magnitude of the current absorbed by the capacitive filter and based on this signals(More)
This paper analyses a PWM control circuit for a three-level three-phase inverter. The power circuit of inverter and the PWM control principles, using a mirror triangular waveform, are explained. The output voltages of the inverter are represented by 21 Park vectors, from which 3 vectors are null. The PWM circuits with synchronization, used to control the(More)
The paper presents fuzzy logic simple and combined with evolution strategies and neuro-fuzzy designs of a duty-cycle compensation controller in order to linearize the nonlinear external characteristics family of a step-down or forward DC-DC converter that supplies DC motors. The controller is additionally introduced in high precision speed control systems.(More)
The paper presents a DC-DC step-up/down converter used in switching power supply with monolithic switching regulator control circuits. The paper completely describes the design of the switching power supply starting with the simplified mathematical theory of the DC-DC step-up/down converter, getting on with the general description of MC34063 and muA78S40(More)