Dumitru Mihai Ionescu

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It is shown that the separation between space–time codematrices can be described in terms of a metric of Euclidean type, which is defined via the singular values of difference codematrices, and arises naturally from a minimization of the pairwise error probability. Essentially, the distance between complex space–time codematrices is the Euclidean distance(More)
The continued relevance of the Euclidean distance in (flat) fading scenarios renders meaning to distance preserving properties for codes designed for fading channels. Geometrical uniformity can shed more light on the structure of various techniques for jointly encoding across multiple transmit antennas, and can assist in the design of, or systematic search(More)
The N-dicyclopropylmethyl (Dcpm) residue, introduced into amino acids via reaction of dicyclopropylmethanimine hydrochloride with an amino acid ester followed by sodium cyanoborohydride or triacetoxyborohydride reduction, can be used as an amide bond protectant for peptide synthesis. Examples which demonstrate the amelioration of aggregation effects include(More)
The study aimed to determine the antimicrobial activity of some hydroalcoholic extracts obtained from three vegetable species with choleretic-cholagogue action: artichoke (Cynara scolymus), dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) and burdock (Arctium lappa). The antimicrobial activity of these products was tested by serial dilution method against bacterial strains(More)
In this correspondence, first-tier indirect (direct) discernible constellation expansions are defined for generalized orthogonal designs. The expanded signal constellation, leading to so-called super-orthogonal codes, allows the achievement of coding gains in addition to diversity gains enabled by orthogonal designs. Conditions that allow the shape of an(More)