Dumitru Dan Burdescu

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The aim of this article is to study the problem of color medical images segmentation. The images represent pathologies of the digestive tract such as ulcer, polyps, esophagites, colitis, or ulcerous tumors, gathered with the help of an endoscope. This article presents the results of an objective and quantitative study of three segmentation algorithms. Two(More)
—This paper presents an efficient graph-based method to detect salient objects from color images and to extract their color and geometric features. Despite of the majority of the segmentation methods our method is totally adaptive and it do not require any parameter to be chosen in order to produce a better segmentation. The proposed segmentation method(More)
This article presents an original method of implementation of the color set back-projection algorithm that is one of the most efficient method of automated detection of color regions from an image. The detected regions are then used in the content-based region query. The query is realized on one or more regions, having into consideration the color feature.(More)
Image segmentation plays an important role in image analysis as a frequent pre-processing step in many image understanding algorithms and practical vision systems. According to several authors, segmentation terminates when the observer's goal is satisfied and for this reason, a unique method that can be applied to all possible cases does not yet exist. The(More)