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Diffusion weighted MRI is used clinically to detect and characterize neurodegenerative, malignant and ischemic diseases. The correlation between developing pathology and localized diffusion relies on diffusion-weighted pulse sequences to probe biophysical models of molecular diffusion-typically exp[-(bD)]-where D is the apparent diffusion coefficient(More)
A new application of the fractional wavelet transform (FWT) was proposed for the simultaneous determination of ampicillin (AP) and sulbactam (SB) in a pharmaceutical combination for injection. FWT approach is a new powerful tool for removing noise and irrelevant information from the absorption spectra. Cardinal information having higher peak amplitude,(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral and retinal vessels behave similarly under the influence of vascular risk factors. Several groups have shown that retinal microvascular abnormalities represent an independent risk factor with regard to strokes and heart attacks. AIM OF THE STUDY The aim of this study was to perform a prospective screening examination with regard to(More)