Duminda Nishantha

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This paper provides an overview of the technologies used in smart classrooms for distance education by classifying smart classrooms into four categories and discussing the type of technologies used in their implementation. It gives an example of a successful implementation of distance education technology being used to link university campuses in Japan and(More)
Strategic deployment of information communiction technology in health systems is promising to ensure reducing medical cost, enhanced medical treatment-quality and to serve the underserved population. International medical cooperation has served both developed and developing nations to overcome technological and social barriers in e-health deployment in many(More)
Internet-based collaboration opens a vast stream of opportunities for developing countries in acquiring international assistance. In this paper, we identify technology transferring from developed countries to developing countries as a potential form of international assistance that can be immensely benefited through collaboration over the Internet. We(More)
Distributed systems are some of the most successful structures ever designed for computer users with their undisputed benefits. However, this structure has also introduced several side-effects, most notably unanticipated runtime events and reconfiguration burdens imposed by environmental changes. In this paper, we discuss a model that enables an object to(More)
A groupware that integrates synchronous and asynchronous collaboration paradigms is developed to support international medical collaboration activities carried out among Japan, Sri Lanka and other countries in Asia. Synchronous medical collaboration activities are facilitated through highquality image transmission and through an interactive(More)
The explosive growth of the network, end-host performances and their heterogeneities have resulted ever changing advancement and complexity of distributed computing environments. The users in such environment have not been provided a satisfactory service when they access the required objects. In this paper we focus on adaptive WWW content delivery, which is(More)
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