Dulcy M. Abraham

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Due to their low visibility, rehabilitation of sanitary sewers is often neglected until catastrophic failures occur. Neglecting regular maintenance of these underground utilities adds to life-cycle costs and liabilities, and in extreme cases, stoppage or reduction of vital services. Incorporating condition data and deterioration patterns of the city’s sewer(More)
This paper develops a method for allocating a security budget to a water supply network so as to maximize the network’s resilience to physical attack. The method integrates max-min linear programming, hydraulic simulation, and genetic algorithms for constraint generation. The objective is to find a security allocation that maximizes an attacker’s marginal(More)
The urban underground has become a spider’s web of utility lines, including phones, electricity, gas, cable TV, fiber optics, traffic signals, street lighting circuits, drainage and sanitary sewers and water mains. Utility damages during construction are very significant and on the rise, resulting in construction delays, design changes, claims, property(More)
Significant concerns exist over the ability of the healthcare and public health systems to meet the surge demands that would result from an event such as an influenza pandemic. Current guidance for public health planners is largely based on expert opinion and may lack connection to the problems of street-level public health practice. To identify the(More)
Since September 11, 2001, protecting the nation’s water infrastructure and improving water network resiliency have become priorities in the water industry. In this work, we develop methods to mitigate the consequences of water shortage resulting from destruction of facilities in water networks. These methods integrate search techniques, such as(More)
The need to replace deteriorating underground utility infrastructure and to expand utility services, increases the need for utility conduits to intersect roadways. Open-trench method is currently the most widely used method for installation of underground pipelines and conduits of all sizes. However, open-cut construction has several shortcomings, chief(More)
Ahmad, Shaikh.M.S.C.E.,Purdue University, December 2014.Capacity-Related Driver Behavior on Modern Roundabouts Built on High-Speed Roads. Major Professor: Andrew Tarko. The objective of this thesis was to investigate the factors that affect capacity-related driver behavior on modern roundabouts built on high-speed roads. The capacity of roundabouts is(More)
E-business approaches have the potential to reduce costs of operations, speed up the business process and affect industries as a whole. However, the construction industry has not paid as much attention to using e-business approaches. Part of the reason behind this lack of interest is the substantial investments required in information technology (IT) to(More)