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Data about the epidemiology of primary intracranial tumours (PIT) are still heterogeneous depending on different methodological approach in collecting data. In Valle d' Aosta, north west side of Italy, we have carried out a prospective consecutive population based study to calculate the incidence of PIT in the last decade (1992-1999) and to compare these(More)
AIMS To investigate the effects of using bromazepam on the relative power in alpha while performing a typing task. Bearing in mind the particularities of each brain hemisphere, our hypothesis was that measuring the relative power would allow us to investigate the effects of bromazepam on specific areas of the cortex. More specifically, we expected to(More)
Adolescente do sexo feminino de 13 anos de idade manifestou-se com cefaleias graves e persistentes, febre alta, vómitos e rigidez da nuca. Antecedentes pessoais de traumatismo craniano, aos seis anos de idade, e de hipoacusia desde a primeira infância. A cultura do líquido cefalo-raquidiano revelou Haemophilus influenzae não tipável. A evolução clíni-ca foi(More)
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