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Mathematical analysis of blood flow through an artery with multiple stenosis in the presence of catheter is investigated. Blood flow is assumed to be represented by an incompressible Non-Newtonian (Micropolar and Couple stres fluid characterized by pulsatile flow in the constricted artery. The non linear governing equations are solved and the closed form of(More)
— In this paper, the data can be transmitted to and received from remote ZigBee communication device. Data Security is primary concern for every communication system. There are many ways to provide security data that is being communicated. However, what if the security is assured irrespective of the hackers are from the noise. This Project describes a(More)
Object detection may be elementary step for machine-driven video analysis in several vision applications. Object detection in a very video is usually performed by object detectors or background subtraction techniques. Often, AN object detector needs manually tagged examples to coach a binary classifier, whereas background subtraction wants a coaching(More)
The blood flow through an overlapping clogged tapered artery in the presence of catheter is discussed. Since cholesterol deposition is resulting in the stenosis formation, velocity slip at the arterial wall is considered. The equations governing the fluid flow have been solved analytically under the assumption of the mild stenosis. The analysis with respect(More)
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