Dulal Kar

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Security for mobile wireless sensor networks has many unique challenges. Existing security protocols have serious drawbacks revoking compromised nodes from the network, replenishing the network with new nodes in secure manner, and performing in network processing if nodes migrate from one cluster to another. In this work, we propose a new energy-efficient(More)
Steganography is the art of hiding information within other information in such a way that it is hard or even impossible to identify the existence of any hidden information. There are many different carriers for steganography. Of which, most popular ones are digital images. Due to recent developments in steganalysis, providing security to personal contents,(More)
ii ABSTRACT The goal of this project was to predict stock trends based on data from a financial market. This project originated from two ideas: that the human brain has a well-defined structure; and that a financial market has a state and some rule of evolution. The system in this project has two neural networks, which use a genetic algorithm to learn(More)
ii ABSTRACT Researchers consistently collect large amounts of data that can be difficult to comprehend without graphical representation. With a good graphical interpretation, data can be understood more easily as opposed to a plain set of numeric values. By using a powerful problem-solving technique such as data visualization, researchers can analyze such(More)
An Android application FaceAnalysis is designed to analyze a human face from a photograph. Users can take a photo by a custom camera or choose a picture by the Google Gallery. Then the application analyzes the input image and give some improvement advice about the input face to users. To achieve this function, three problems need to be solved: face(More)
Security is very crucial in any computing environment such as web software applications, Local Area Networks, etc. because Internet communications are subject to attacks. Lack of adequate protection can cause web security problems. Detecting unusual behaviors is the first step towards predicting the web security issues. This can be achieved by monitoring(More)
The location sensing mobile system for electronic campus tours runs on a laptop computer, to provide users with a " you are here " view of their current location and a direction finder feature to help them tour a campus area The system operates on a network of access points that allows users to detect and share their location information, and provides an(More)
ii ABSTRACT Wireless Penetration testing is a new discipline which is included within the information security field. This new discipline is an emerging field of study. The huge adoption of wireless technologies over recent years has placed wireless data networks as one of the major attack vectors for organizations nowadays. Incident handlers and law(More)