Dukyun Nam

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—Group communication is a useful mechanism guaranteeing consistency among replicated objects. The existing approaches do not allow transparent plug-in of group communication protocols into CORBA. They either require modification of CORBA or OS, or provide no room for incorporating group communication transport protocols into CORBA. We thus propose a generic(More)
Object replication is a technique to enhance fault tolerance and high availability. Group communication is a useful mechanism guaranteeing the consistency among replicated objects. We propose a generic group communication framework that allows transparent plug-in of various group communication protocols with no modification of existing CORBA. For this, we(More)
Boyer–Moore (BM) algorithm is a single pattern string matching algorithm. It is considered as the most efficient string matching algorithm and used in many applications. The algorithm first calculates two string shift rules based on the given pattern string in the preprocessing phase. Using the two shift rules, pattern matching operations are performed(More)
A new capability of our well-known NEMO 3-D simulator (Ref. Klimeck et al., 2007 [10]) is introduced by carefully investigating the utility of III–V semiconductor quantum dots as infrared photodetectors at a wavelength of 1.2–1.5 µm. We not only present a detailed description of the simulation methodology coupled to the atomistic sp 3 d 5 s * tight-binding(More)