Dukyun Nam

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Many people from various sectors are now talking about the “Smart” things such as devices for work, home, education, and so on. Smart is another word for intelligence. Smart learning can be defined as a quite innovative way of getting the knowledge, especially in advanced science and technologies. Smart learning environments are always connected with WiFi,(More)
In this paper, we address performance and scalability issues when AMGA (ARDA Metadata Grid Application) is used as a metadata service for task retrieval in the WISDOM (Wide in Silico Docking on Malaria) environment, and propose optimization techniques to deal with the issues. First, to deal with the performance problem due to the communication overhead(More)
Group communication is a useful mechanism guaranteeing consistency among replicated objects. The existing approaches do not allow transparent plug-in of group communication protocols into CORBA. They either require modification of CORBA or OS, or provide no room for incorporating group communication transport protocols into CORBA. We thus propose a generic(More)
To utilize an e-Science application service which is built on a grid computing environment efficiently, it is vital to develop technologies for integrating each e- Science application service into a workflow and to execute the workflow in a cooperative environment. In this paper, the required workflow in e-Science is analyzed using a conceptual scenario and(More)
In e-science environments, scientists need to execute a scientific application with various parameters multiple times to simulate and experiment complicated problems on the grid. For this, they should write every single job description with distinct parameters even if this is a troublesome task. To provide the flexibility and adaptability for parameter(More)
Boyer–Moore (BM) algorithm is a single pattern string matching algorithm. It is considered as the most efficient string matching algorithm and used in many applications. The algorithm first calculates two string shift rules based on the given pattern string in the preprocessing phase. Using the two shift rules, pattern matching operations are performed(More)