Dukyun Nam

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  • Kumwon Cho, Sun Rae Park, Dukyun Nam, Buyoung Ahn, Jongsuk Ruth Lee
  • 2012
Many people from various sectors are now talking about the " Smart " things such as devices for work, home, education, and so on. Smart is another word for intelligence. Smart learning can be defined as a quite innovative way of getting the knowledge, especially in advanced science and technologies. Smart learning environments are always connected with(More)
—Group communication is a useful mechanism guaranteeing consistency among replicated objects. The existing approaches do not allow transparent plug-in of group communication protocols into CORBA. They either require modification of CORBA or OS, or provide no room for incorporating group communication transport protocols into CORBA. We thus propose a generic(More)
Object replication is a technique to enhance fault tolerance and high availability. Group communication is a useful mechanism guaranteeing the consistency among replicated objects. We propose a generic group communication framework that allows transparent plug-in of various group communication protocols with no modification of existing CORBA. For this, we(More)