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The aim of this study is to find the relationship between software intellectual property rights (IPRs) and the performance of software firms in South Korea. In order to measure the performance of software firms, we employed the concept of efficiency of data envelopment analysis (DEA). With measured efficiency, we use tobit regression to investigate which(More)
In conventional requirement engineering functional requirements are much focused. If non-functional requirements including cyber space issues are not specified in advance, software will be a matter of cyber accident affecting the society and economy. The greatest threat of risk to software industry, engineering process and education is due to lack of future(More)
Article history: Received 1 October 2013 Received in revised form 1 October 2014 Accepted 5 November 2014 Available online 4 February 2015 This paper investigates the effects of software intellectual property rights (IPRs) on the performance of software firms. For this, technical efficiency scores for Korean software firms are examined, and for an empirical(More)
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