Duk-hyun An

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This study compared the gait parameters of young women using various methods to carry a single-strap bag during walking. Twenty-one Korean healthy women walked on a GAITRite-instrumented carpet at a self-paced speed for each of the four following conditions in random order: no bag, carrying a bag over the shoulder, carrying a bag on the forearm, and(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to identify any differences in the activity patterns of lower extremity muscles with and without heel contact during stair ascent by women in their twenties wearing high-heeled shoes. METHODS Twenty healthy female subjects wearing high-heeled shoes walked up a step with a height of 20 cm with and without heel(More)
[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of an 8-week balance exercise and elastic-resistance exercise program on muscle strength and balance of the old-old elderly (over the age of 75). [Subjects and Methods] Fifty-five elderly persons were recruited from the community and assigned to three groups for convenience: balance exercise(More)
This study investigated the relationship between the active cervical range of motion (ROM) and changes in the head and neck posture after continuous visual display terminal (VDT) work. Twenty VDT workers were recruited from laboratories. The active cervical ROM of the participants was measured and videotaped to capture the craniocervical and cervicothoracic(More)
This study investigated how stroke patients improve the walking patterns by using the Elastic Walking Band, which was included with a long elastic band and four pierced plastics as fixed points. Fifteen patients with stroke were recruited. Participants were nine males and six females. Gait parameters were measured with the GAITRite system to analyze the(More)
BACKGROUND Hamstring-stretching exercises are frequently used to change lumbar spine and hip movements in the clinic. However, little research into the effects of hamstring flexibility on lumbar spine and hip movements during lifting tasks has been reported. OBJECTIVE We investigated effects of hamstring-stretching exercises on the kinematics of the(More)
This study examined the changes in pressure pain in the upper trapezius muscle, cervical range of motion, and cervical flexion-relaxation ratio after overhead work. 14 workers were recruited. Pressure pain in the upper trapezius muscle, active cervical range of motion, and cervical flexion-relaxation ratio were measured in all subjects once before and once(More)
[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to investigate gait velocity and center of mass (COM) during square and semicircular turning gaits between two groups of elderly people with differing visual acuity. [Subjects] Twenty elderly Korean women who could walk independently and who lived in the community were recruited. [Methods] We measured gait velocity(More)
This study was conducted to identify the effects of a fall-prevention exercise program on the participation and static balance of elderly persons in daily life roles. [Subjects] Ten participants over 65 years of age (75.29±2.93) who were healthy community-dwellers (two men and eight women) were recruited. [Methods] The participants exercised three times a(More)
BACKGROUND The lower quarter Y-balance test (YBT-LQ) has been recommended as a measure of dynamic postural control in the clinical setting; however, information about the relationship between performance on the YBT-LQ and joint kinematics is limited. Thus, the kinematic predictors responsible for performance on the YBT-LQ need to be identified for accurate(More)