Duk Hyun Lee

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Graphene produced by exfoliation has not been able to provide an ideal graphene with performance comparable to that predicted by theory, and structural and/or electronic defects have been proposed as one cause of reduced performance. We report the observation of domains on exfoliated monolayer graphene that differ by their friction characteristics, as(More)
Half-Fourier imaging is useful for reducing imaging time by requiring less than the usual number of phase-encoding steps. This increase in speed can be traded off for longer repeat times, TR, for improved contrast-to-noise in the same imaging time or to collect short asymmetric echoes. Consequently, it is shown to be especially useful for long TR spin-echo(More)
Highly nonlinear bistable current-voltage (I-V) characteristics are necessary in order to realize high density resistive random access memory (ReRAM) devices that are compatible with cross-point stack structures. Up to now, such I-V characteristics have been achieved by introducing complex device structures consisting of selection elements (selectors) and(More)
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