Duk-Hwa Chung

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Pseudomonas fluorescens is an opportunistic indoor pathogen that can cause severe airway proinflammatory responses. Pulmonary epithelium, like other mucosal epithelial linings of the body, constitutes the first line of defense against airway microbial pathogens. Mucosal epithelial cells can be a sentinel of pathogenic bacteria via stimulation of specific(More)
Food mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin, DON) produced by Fusarium graminearum and F. culmorum can induce rapid diminution of lymphoid tissues and lymphopenia in the growing chickens and mammals. We first investigated the direct acute effects of DON on the chick immune-related embryo tissues such as embryonic liver and spleen. Direct DON administration(More)
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