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Recognition of volatile organic compounds using SnO2 sensor array and pattern recognition analysis
Abstract A sensor array with 10 sensors integrated on a substrate was developed to recognize various kinds and quantities of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as benzene, toluene, ethylExpand
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Low Power Micro Gas Sensor
The stable and low power heating characteristics of a microheater are very important for the micro gas sensor. The membrane type gas sensors were fabricated by silicon IC technology. The steady-stateExpand
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Nitrogen oxides-sensing characteristics of WO3-based nanocrystalline thick film gas sensor
Abstract TiO 2 added tungsten trioxides with grain size of about 3 nm, were synthesized by sol-coprecipitation of WCl 6 and TiCl 4 solution with ammonium hydroxide and surfactant. Tungsten trioxideExpand
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Fabrication and characteristics of SnO2 gas sensor array for volatile organic compounds recognition
Abstract Ten different gas sensors were integrated as an array on a substrate to identify various kinds and quantities of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as benzene, toluene, ethyl alcohol,Expand
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Effect of substrate on NO2-sensing properties of WO3 thin film gas sensors
Abstract A WO 3 thin film with a 1.2 μm thickness was deposited onto several substrates, including unpolished alumina, polished alumina, and silicon, using a thermal evaporating method with PtExpand
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Sensing characteristics of epitaxially-grown tin oxide gas sensor on sapphire substrate
Abstract Epitaxial SnO 2 film was grown on a sapphire substrate using a reactive rf magnetron sputter. The microstructure of the thin film was investigated using the 3C 2 beam line from a PohangExpand
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Sensing characteristics of tin dioxide/gold sensor prepared by coprecipitation method
Abstract High selective and sensitive thick-film methane sensors were fabricated and their sensing characteristics for various hydrocarbon gases were investigated. SnO2/Au was prepared byExpand
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The TiO2-adding effects in WO3-based NO2 sensors prepared by coprecipitation and precipitation method
Abstract Two different sensing materials of TiO 2 –WO 3 system with the grain size of nanometer are synthesized; one is a complete 2-nm-sized coprecipitate ((Ti,W)O 2 ) made by sol-coprecipitation ofExpand
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Environmental gas sensors
Due to the dramatic growth in industrial development and population, the natural atmospheric environment has become polluted and is rapidly deteriorating. Thus, the monitoring and control of suchExpand
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Explosive gas recognition system using thick film sensor array and neural network
Abstract A sensor array with nine discrete sensors integrated on a substrate was developed for recognizing the species and quantity of explosive gases such as methane, propane, and butane. The sensorExpand
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