Dujian Zou

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A number of smart aggregate (SA)-based monitoring systems have been developed to monitor the early age hydration process of concrete. In these systems, the embedded SAs act as sensors and work in a solid-liquid mixture. However, the influence of water on the performance of SA is still unclear. This letter presents some efforts to study the working(More)
Dynamic response under rare earthquakes of the small radius curved beam bridges with high piers under environment corrosion are studied and compared with the cases without corrosion in this paper by time history analysis method based on an actual project. The influence of pier-height and the environment corrosion on the seismic performance of bridges during(More)
Carbonation is one of the major deteriorations that accelerate steel corrosion in reinforced concrete structures. Many mathematical/numerical models of the carbonation process, primarily diffusion-reaction models, have been established to predict the carbonation depth. However, the mass transfer of carbon dioxide in porous concrete includes molecular(More)
This paper deals with the problem of detecting a distributed target in interference and noise. The target signal and interference are assumed to lie in two linearly independent subspaces, and their coordinates are unknown. The noise is Gaussian distributed, with an unknown covariance matrix. To estimate the covariance matrix, a set of training data is(More)
Damping characterizes the energy dissipation capacity of materials and structures, and it is affected by several external factors such as vibrating frequency, stress history, temperature, and stress amplitude. This study investigates the relationship between the damping and the stress amplitude of environment-friendly recycled aggregate concrete (RAC).(More)
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