Dugal Campbell

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A musculoskeletal system with more muscles than there are motions could be programmed in alternative ways to produce a single movement. In this case, the muscles would have the potential to be maximally responsive in multiple directions rather than responding preferentially in a single direction. To determine the response patterns of muscles in the(More)
A four-year-old child attended Accident and Emergency following a fall from a slide with a displaced and angulated proximal tibial metaphyseal fracture. Treatment included closed manipulation under anaesthesia and an above knee cast for seven weeks. Serial radiographs over the following few months were satisfactory demonstrating good alignment and evidence(More)
This study tested the hypothesis that, in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), there is a primary hyperalgesia of the colon. Previous work, which examined these patients and normals, has not included subjects who provide a control for relevant psychological characteristics. We compared ratings of pain, following varying degrees of distension of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the stability of the human lumbar cadaveric spinal motion segment before and after treatment with intradiscal electrothermal therapy (IDET). DESIGN An in vitro biomechanic analysis of 5 human cadaveric spinal motion segments by using nondestructive biomechanic testing in flexion/extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation with loads(More)
PURPOSE To describe a method of delivering nitric oxide during high frequency jet ventilation. CLINICAL FEATURES A 63-yr-old man underwent reduction pneumoplasty for bullous emphysema. Postoperatively, ventilation was inadequate, secondary to bilateral high output bronchopleural fistulae. High frequency jet ventilation was initiated and achieved adequate(More)
A method of producing decerebrate rigidity in cats by means of a radiofrequency current was developed. Adequate control of the extent and shape of the lesions necessitated a preliminary investigation of the relationship between the intensity and duration of current, the size of the lesion, and the tissue impedance before and after destruction; this was(More)
Pre-term infants <72 hrs old, of birth-weight 750-1499g, who were not being ventilated, were assigned randomly to be nursed on OAM or conventional mattress (C). To demonstrate a reduction from 50% to 25% in the proportion of infants with ≥ 1 day of >5 episodes of apnea and bradycardia (AB) required a minimum sample size of 50 per group (α-.05, β-0.2). Entry(More)