Duen-Yian Yeh

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Cerebrovascular disease has been ranked the second or third of top 10 death causes in Taiwan and has caused about 13,000 people death every year since 1986. Once cerebrovascular disease occurs, it not only leads to huge cost of medical care, but even death. All developed countries in the world put cerebrovas-cular disease prevention and treatment in high(More)
This study applied a quasi-experimental design to investigate the influence and predictive power of learner motivation for achievement, employing a mobile game-based English learning approach. A system called the Happy English Learning System, integrating learning material into a game-based context, was constructed and installed on mobile devices to conduct(More)
This research proposed the OWA and PCA integrated assessment model for appropriately evaluating the performance of software project. First, the amount of evaluation data was reduced by PCA. As a result, the number of criteria was cut down, but the originally contained information was preserved. Next, OWA was employed to analytically obtain the weights of(More)
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