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Netprobe: a fast and scalable system for fraud detection in online auction networks
Given a large online network of online auction users and their histories of transactions, how can we spot anomalies and auction fraud? This paper describes the design and implementation of NetProbe,Expand
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Robust Physical Adversarial Attack on Faster R-CNN Object Detector
Given the ability to directly manipulate image pixels in the digital input space, an adversary can easily generate imperceptible perturbations to fool a Deep Neural Network (DNN) image classifier, asExpand
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On the Vulnerability of Large Graphs
Given a large graph, like a computer network, which k nodes should we immunize (or monitor, or remove), to make it as robust as possible against a computer virus attack? We need (a) a measure of theExpand
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Guilt by association: large scale malware detection by mining file-relation graphs
The increasing sophistication of malicious software calls for new defensive techniques that are harder to evade, and are capable of protecting users against novel threats. We present AESOP, aExpand
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ActiVis: Visual Exploration of Industry-Scale Deep Neural Network Models
While deep learning models have achieved state-of-the-art accuracies for many prediction tasks, understanding these models remains a challenge. Despite the recent interest in developing visual toolsExpand
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Unifying Guilt-by-Association Approaches: Theorems and Fast Algorithms
If several friends of Smith have committed petty thefts, what would you say about Smith? Most people would not be surprised if Smith is a hardened criminal. Guilt-by-association methods combine weakExpand
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Node Immunization on Large Graphs: Theory and Algorithms
Given a large graph, like a computer communication network, which k nodes should we immunize (or monitor, or remove), to make it as robust as possible against a computer virus attack? This problem,Expand
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Visual Analytics in Deep Learning: An Interrogative Survey for the Next Frontiers
Deep learning has recently seen rapid development and received significant attention due to its state-of-the-art performance on previously-thought hard problems. However, because of the internalExpand
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Detecting insider threats in a real corporate database of computer usage activity
This paper reports on methods and results of an applied research project by a team consisting of SAIC and four universities to develop, integrate, and evaluate new approaches to detect the weakExpand
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Detecting Fraudulent Personalities in Networks of Online Auctioneers
Online auctions have gained immense popularity by creating an accessible environment for exchanging goods at reasonable prices. Not surprisingly, malevolent auction users try to abuse them byExpand
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