Dudley Charles

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Next to acoustic neuromas, meningiomas are the most common benign tumour of the posterior fossa. This paper reviews the personal experience of one of the authors with the management of 26 posterior fossa meningiomas and 212 acoustic neuromas. The aim was to compare the clinical and radiological features of these two types of posterior fossa tumours to(More)
SUMMARY We report the case of an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) of the vein of Galen diagnosed in utero at the 34th week of gestation by ultrasound and MRI. Following interdisciplinary advice, the family decided to terminate the pregnancy. This was carried out in the 36th week of gestation. Mascroscopic study of the fetus confirmed the in utero diagnosis:(More)
The present study compared the effects of unilateral and bilateral thyroarytenoid injections of botulinum toxin (botox) for the treatment of adductor spasmodic dysphonia. Using electromyographic guidance, 15 patients received unilateral botox injections of 15 units each and 11 patients received bilateral injections of 2.5 units in each site. Acoustic(More)
This study compares the effects of unilateral and bilateral thyroarytenoid muscle injections of botulinum toxin in 50 patients with adductor spasmodic dysphonia. Patients were randomly assigned to two treatment groups of 25 patients each and a group of 15 normal control subjects was also included. Using a standard electromyographic guidance procedure, one(More)
BACKGROUND Immunocompromised patients who develop sepsis while neutropenic are at high risk for morbidity and mortality; however, it is unknown if neutropenic sepsis is associated with distinct clinical and biological characteristics. METHODS We conducted a prospective cohort study of patients admitted to the medical intensive care unit of an academic(More)
Techniques used to monitor the function of the seventh and eighth cranial nerves during acoustic neuroma and other posterior fossa surgery are reviewed. The auditory brainstem response (ABR), electrocochleogram (ECochG) and direct recording from the auditory nerve (CNAP) were compared. The best technique is the ECochG, although in many cases, the CNAP(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is associated with the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in at-risk patients. Low plasma levels of adiponectin, a circulating hormone-like molecule, have been implicated as a possible mechanism for this association. The objective of this study was to determine the association of plasma adiponectin level at ICU(More)
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