Duco N. Ferro

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This paper presents an ontology and a filtering algorithm used in an agent-based system to support communication in case of incidents in the mobile human surveillance domain. In that domain reaching the right people as soon as possible is of the essence when incidents occur. The main goal of our efforts is to significantly reduce the response time in case(More)
Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are both intended to provide insight into the activities and performance of the enterprise. Deployment of such systems requires extensive tailoring to the enterprise, best left to experts. The dynamics of the enterprise demands a solution to the maintenance of BAM/BI solutions. This(More)
Given unexpected incidents on routes of guards that check security objects, like banks, one of the most challenging problems is still how to support improvisation by security personnel in taking decisions to prevent or resolve such incidents. Another as important associated problem is how a security company can naturally take advantage of its existing and(More)
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