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In recent years local alignment for DNA sequencing has obtained great significance. In this paper we propose an algorithm for local alignment between two DNA sequences and compare the performance of the proposed algorithm with Smith-Waterman algorithm. Complexity calculation shows that the proposed algorithm has a much less time complexity and requires very(More)
SMS is the most popular ubiquitous messaging protocol in cellular networks. Limitations with SMS are, it is plaintext; it is point-to-point (person-to-person); and it is network dependent. To leverage the popularity of SMS as a serious bearer for business and trustworthy communication, authors have developed a PKI (public key infrastructure) based,(More)
-The paper presents one simple heuristic method for the reconfiguration of distribution networks in order to reduce the real power loss under normal operating conditions. The proposed me thod is computationally very efficient because it does not require the concept of optimal power flow and require less number of switching operations. The effectiveness of(More)
Formal specification, verification, modeling of distributed software systems including middleware is an important area of research [4], [5], [6], [8]. Even then, as of now, no universally accepted standard method for formalization of middleware exists. Mobile middleware systems are increasingly gaining importance due to cheap and highly efficient mobile(More)
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