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This paper discusses the design of control structure of dual actuator system, which is considered as DISO system, for high precision manufacturing stage. It proposes that PA tracks error signal between estimated coarse position and output coarse position at control sample to prevent saturation. Estimators are designed for both fine and coarse actuator(More)
Converging robot technology into medical applications allowed surgeons to achieve accurate and enhanced surgical results. In laparoscopic surgery, da Vinci system consisting of master and slave robot system allows to perform operation more precisely. In fluoroscopic surgery, C-arm systems are widely used to monitor status of patient instantly during the(More)
This paper presents development of simulators for mobile CT device. For mobile CT device, it is important to rotate the gantry system at constant speed. Rotating a gantry speed at constant speed is important because uniformity of angular distance among hundreds of taken X-ray images is highly related to quality of 3D reconstructed CT image. Therefore, in(More)
This paper presents a zero vibration control for mobile medical robot system when the gantry is rotated. ISO center needs to maintain its position while gantry is rotated to take multiple X-ray images for reconstructed 3D CT image. The gantry includes X-ray source and detector module causing unbalanced weight of rotor and the gantry is support in cantilever(More)
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