Duck Hyun Lee

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We present a flexible room temperature NO 2 gas sensor consisting of vertical carbon nanotubes ͑CNTs͒/reduced graphene hybrid film supported by a polyimide substrate. The reduced graphene film alone showed a negligible sensor response, exhibiting abnormal N–P transitions during the initial NO 2 injection. A hybrid film, formed by the growth of a vertically(More)
Ice accretion has a negative impact on critical infrastructure, as well as a range of commercial and residential activities. Icephobic surfaces are defined by an ice adhesion strength τice < 100 kPa. However, the passive removal of ice requires much lower values of τice, such as on airplane wings or power lines (τice < 20 kPa). Such low τice values are(More)
In euryhaline crabs, ion-transporting cells are clustered into osmoregulatory patches on the lamellae of the posterior gills. To examine changes in the branchial osmoregulatory patch in the blue crab Callinectes sapidus in response to change in salinity and to correlate these changes with other osmoregulatory responses, crabs were acclimated to a range of(More)
The surface ultrastructure of Neodiplostomum seoulense cercariae was studied by scanning electron microscopy. The cercarial body was cylindrical and its tail bifurcated. Short tegumental spines, with a broad base and single pointed tip, were dense anteriorly but sparse posteriorly on the lateral margins of the body. The acetabulum had stout spikelike(More)
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