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The Direct path and multipath interference (DPI and MPI) Cancellation is a crucial issue in the passive radar. In this paper, two improvements have been done in NLMS algorithm. One is to estimate the values and distribution of DPI and MPI roughly, and then remove them from the echo signal before filtering. The other one is to vary the step size of NLMS(More)
Spectrum sensing is the key technology in cognitive radio systems. Generally, matched filter detection, energy detection and feature detection are traditional scheme of spectrum detection for single node detection in cognitive system. Taking into account the error in the decision reporting channel and the hidden terminal problem, cooperative spectrum(More)
In this paper, we present an improved strategy of channel probing and transmission scheduling in a multi-rate wireless system. We consider a fixed data time model, where time is slotted and channel states do not change within one slot. In a multichannel wireless system, a transmitter can opportunistically use channels with high-quality conditions. In order(More)
Confronted with the rapidly increasing demand of mobile traffic and heavy energy consumption on base stations (BSs), the base station (BS) sleeping strategy becomes a promising method to promote the system energy efficiency (EE). To switch off the redundant small-cell base stations (s-BSs) without whittling down the network EE in small cell networks, we(More)