Duccio Fioravanti

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The execution of positioning tasks by using image-based visual servoing can be easier if a trajectory planning mechanism exists. This paper deals with the problem of generating image plane trajectories (a trajectory is made of a path plus a time law) for tracked points in an eye-in-hand system which has to be positioned with respect to a fixed object. The(More)
Nowadays variable speed drive systems (VSDS) are preferred to constant speed drives in the oil and gas industry because they can improve the efficiency of the process while avoiding the use of complex mechanical mechanisms (e.g., guide vanes) or plant recycling and throttling. However, the reputation of VSDS has not always been favorable since they can be a(More)
A self-calibrated approach to visual servoing with respect to non planar targets modeled through a pair of coaxial circles plus one point is discussed. Full calibration data (fixed internal parameters) are obtained from two views, and used to recover Euclidean target structure and camera relative pose. Pose disambiguation is achieved without requiring any(More)
The common use of UIC Pneumatic braking plant in long freight trains may involve time delays in the application of the braking forces along the convoy. This variable braking action along the train may cause heavy longitudinal efforts that could lead to wagons damaging and even cause train derailment. Simulations of these phenomena are very important both(More)
The scaling form of the free energy near a critical point allows for the definition of various thermodynamical amplitudes and the determination of their dependence on the microscopic nonuniversal scales. Universal quantities can be obtained by considering special combinations of the amplitudes. Together with the critical exponents they characterize the(More)
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