Duc Thuan Nguyen

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A fast, accurate Choleski method for the solution of symmetric systems of linear equations is presented. This direct method is based on a variable-band storage scheme and takes advantage of column heights to reduce the number of operations in the Choleski factorization. The method employs parallel computation in the outermost DO-loop and vector computation(More)
Background. Tuberculosis (TB) disease diagnosis in Vietnam relies on symptom screening, chest radiography (CXR), and acid fast bacilli (AFB) sputum smear which have a poor sensitivity in HIV patients. We evaluated the performance of clinical algorithms in screening and diagnosing AFB smear-negative TB in HIV patients. Methods. We enrolled 399 HIV-positive(More)
A new false positive reduction approach in computer-aided mammographic mass detection has been proposed in this paper. The goal is to discriminate true recognized masses from the normal parenchyma ones. To describe masses, Block Difference Inverse Probability (BDIP) features are utilized. Once the descriptors are extracted, we use Support Vector Machine(More)
In the world, breast cancer in female population has increased significantly in recent years. In this paper, we present a new method for circumscribed masses detection in mammograms. First of all, the original mammogram is preprocessed to remove unwanted regions such as label, pectoral muscle and small bright spots similar to mass. Next, we divide the(More)
BACKGROUND Tracking the dissemination of specific Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) strains using genotyped Mtb isolates from tuberculosis patients is a routine public health practice in the United States. The present study proposes a standardized cluster investigation method to identify epidemiologic-linked patients in Mtb genotype clusters. The study also(More)
—Clustering is a discovery process that groups data objects into clusters such that the intracluster similarity is maximized and the intercluster similarity is minimized. This paper proposes a novel-clustering algorithm, IMPACT (Iteratively Moving Points based on Attraction to ClusTer data), that partitions data objects by moving them closer according to(More)
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