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In interactive systems, the term rendering applies to any form of communication directed from the application towards the users. The present paper deals with the specification of rendering, and its relationship with the formal specification of the dialogue between application and user. We first present a taxonomy of rendering according to its function in(More)
CORBA is a standard proposed by the Object Management Group (OMG) in order to promote interoperability between distributed object systems. CORBA provides a programming-language neutral Interface Definition Language (IDL) that describes the syntactic aspects of services supported by remote objects. However, CORBA IDL does not provide any means to specify the(More)
3D Mesh segmentation has become an important research field in computer graphics during the past decades. Many geometry based and semantic oriented approaches for 3D mesh segmentation has been presented. In this paper, we present a definition of mesh segmentation according to labeling problem. Inspired by the Markov Random Field (MRF) based image(More)
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