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The protein tyrosine phosphatase CD45 is a critical component of the T cell antigen receptor (TCR) signaling pathway, acting as a positive regulator of Src family protein tyrosine kinases (PTKs) such as Lck. Most CD45-deficient human and murine T cell lines are unable to signal through their TCRs. However, there is a CD45-deficient cell line that can signal(More)
We have identified the palmitoylated cysteine residues of alpha q and alpha s, alpha subunits of two heterotrimeric G proteins. Mutational substitutions of serines for cysteines 9 and 10 in alpha q and cysteine 3 in alpha s profoundly alter behavior of the subunits expressed in HEK293 cells. Neither mutant alpha subunit incorporates palmitate; both mutant(More)
The processes of T-cell development and activation employ similar immature and mature receptors as well as similar signal transduction pathways to achieve different outcomes. Many signaling molecules are shared between the receptor signaling pathways, including two families of cytoplasmic protein tyrosine kinases, the Src family and the Syk family. The two(More)
The Syk/ZAP-70 family of protein tyrosine kinases is indispensable for normal lymphoid development. Syk is necessary for the development of B cells and epithelial gammadelta T cells, whereas ZAP-70 is essential for the normal development of T cells and TCR signaling. In this study, we show that although development of the alphabeta lineage was arrested in(More)
Thymocyte development proceeds through two critical checkpoints that involve signaling events through two different receptors, the TCR and the pre-TCR. These receptors employ two families of protein tyrosine kinases to propagate their signals, the Src and Syk families. Genetic and biochemical evidence has shown that the Src family kinases are critical for(More)
The tyrosine kinase Syk plays a critical role in the phagocytic pathway mediated by Fcgamma receptors (FcgammaR). In transfected COS1 cells co-expression of Syk enhances FcgammaR mediated phagocytosis. The other member of the Syk kinase family, the highly homologous tyrosine kinase Zap70, also plays a role in signaling by immunoglobulin gene family(More)
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