Duc Anh Nguyen

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2-Aminopurine (2AP) is a fluorescent adenine analog that probes mainly base stacking in nucleic acids. We labeled the loop or the stem of the RNA hairpin gacUACGguc with 2AP to study folding thermodynamics and kinetics at both loci. Thermal melts and fast laser temperature jumps detected by 2AP fluorescence monitored the stability and folding/unfolding(More)
It has long been conjectured that the macroscopic dynamics of dilute polymer solutions may exhibit a glasslike slowdown caused by ergodicity breaking, in the vicinity of the coil-stretch transition in elongational flows. We report experimental observations using a filament stretching rheometer that confirm the existence of such glassy states. It is observed(More)
Electronically excited orbitals play a fundamental role in chemical reactivity and spectroscopy. In nanostructures, orbital shape is diagnostic of defects that control blinking, surface carrier dynamics, and other important optoelectronic properties. We capture nanometer resolution images of electronically excited PbS quantum dots (QDs) by single molecule(More)
Synopsis Following development of a filament-stretching extensional rheometer at Monash University, similar rheometers have been designed and built in other laboratories. To help validate the basic technique, a collaborative program was undertaken to compare results from several instruments. First, three test fluids prepared at the University of California(More)
Direct visualization of the dynamics of structural glasses and amorphous solids on the sub-nanometer scale provides rich information unavailable from bulk or conventional single molecule techniques. We study the surface of hafnium diboride, a conductive ultrahigh temperature ceramic material that can be grown in amorphous films. Our scanning tunneling(More)
Illumination is known to induce stress and morphology changes in opaque glasses. Amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC) has a smaller bandgap than the crystal. Thus, we were able to excite with 532 nm light a 1 μm amorphous surface layer on a SiC crystal while recording time-lapse movies of glass surface dynamics by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM).(More)