Dubravko Huljev

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Stable gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157 (BPC 157, as an antiulcer agent in clinical trials for inflammatory bowel disease; PLD-116, PL 14736, Pliva, no toxicity reported) alone (without carrier) ameliorates healing of tendon and bone, respectively, as well as other tissues. Thereby, we focus on Achilles tendon-to-bone healing: tendon to bone could not be(More)
Chronic and acute infected wounds can pose a major clinical problem because of associated complications and slow healing. In addition to classic preparations for wound treatment, an array of modern dressings for chronic wound care are currently available on the market. These dressings are intended for the wounds due to intralesional physiological,(More)
The interaction of metal ions (carrier-free form) in aquatic medium with humic acids is a complicated process depending on the properties of humic acids (elementary, chemical, and trace element composition), metals studied (valence, charge, chemical form, concentration), and medium used (pH, ionic strength). The use of radionuclides was found to be very(More)
Background. Cutis laxa (CL) is a rare disorder of elastic tissue characterized by loose, sagging skin with reduced elasticity, and resilience without resulting scarring. CL may be inherited as a dominant, recessive, or X-linked recessive disease, or acquired. The heritable forms of CL predominantly begin at birth, but it may be delayed until puberty or age(More)
3 univerzitetski klinički centar ljubljana, Dermatovenerološka klinika i 4 Kirurška klinika, Klinički odjel za kirurške infekcije, ljubljana, Slovenija terapija negativnim tlakom je potporna metoda liječenja kroničnih rana. Koristi se negativni tlak od 40 do 125 mm Hg. Dokazani su pozitivni rezultati primjene terapije u obliku pojačane angiogeneze i(More)
In this study the process of the bone healing was observed. As a model the femoral bone of New Zealand rabbit was used. An identical bone defect was created on the left and right femur of the each experimental animal. On the right side the defect was covered with the corresponding of muscle tissue, and with free transplant of the greater omentum on the left(More)
Chronic wounds are, due to the slow healing, a major clinical problem. In addition to classic materials, a great number of supportive wound dressings for chronic wound treatment, developed on the basis of new knowledge about the pathophysiological events in non-healing wounds, are available on the market. Today we know that modern wound dressings provide(More)