Dubravko Huljev

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Stable gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157 (BPC 157, as an antiulcer agent in clinical trials for inflammatory bowel disease; PLD-116, PL 14736, Pliva, no toxicity reported) alone (without carrier) ameliorates healing of tendon and bone, respectively, as well as other tissues. Thereby, we focus on Achilles tendon-to-bone healing: tendon to bone could not be(More)
Background. Cutis laxa (CL) is a rare disorder of elastic tissue characterized by loose, sagging skin with reduced elasticity, and resilience without resulting scarring. CL may be inherited as a dominant, recessive, or X-linked recessive disease, or acquired. The heritable forms of CL predominantly begin at birth, but it may be delayed until puberty or age(More)
Chronic and acute infected wounds can pose a major clinical problem because of associated complications and slow healing. In addition to classic preparations for wound treatment, an array of modern dressings for chronic wound care are currently available on the market. These dressings are intended for the wounds due to intralesional physiological,(More)
Chronic wounds are, due to the slow healing, a major clinical problem. In addition to classic materials, a great number of supportive wound dressings for chronic wound treatment, developed on the basis of new knowledge about the pathophysiological events in non-healing wounds, are available on the market. Today we know that modern wound dressings provide(More)
Although progress in many fields of science, medicine and technology is evident, we are still witnessing the appearance of bedsores and its consequences. However, in the last fifty years there has been considerable progress in the understanding of its causes, prevention and treatment. Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers are complicated by the many(More)
Chronic wound toilet, with appropriate care of the surrounding skin, is one of the basic steps that must be performed in the treatment of patients with chronic wound. On wound cleaning and bandaging, it is of utmost importance to choose an appropriate technique of cleansing, select an appropriate solution for leaching and choose an appropriate wound(More)
Chronic wounds are becoming an increasing health, economic and social problem worldwide, including Croatia. Most common chronic wounds are the results of venous insufficiency of lower legs, and their incidence is about 75% of all chronic wounds. Costs of treating patients with leg ulcer are not trivial. According to available data from different countries,(More)
Compression therapy is the basic therapy in phlebology and lymphology. The pressure under the bandages has to exceed the intravenous pressure especially in standing position. Different compression materials such as short stretch systems, long stretch bandages and compression garments work differently on ambulatory venous hypertension, speed of reducing(More)
Negative pressure sound therapy is one of the supportive options for chronic wound treatment. Good results have been reported in increasing angiogenesis, improving blood flow in the wounds, decreasing edema, regulating moist environment, granulation tissue stimulation and wound retraction. In addition, there is significant reduction in bacterial burden and(More)