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The aim of the study was to correlate cognitive decline and cerebral vasoreactivity in 150 asymptomatic right-handed patients with severe ≥70 % unilateral internal carotid artery (ICA) stenosis and to evaluate the role of intracranial collateral circulation during cognitive testing. Cognitive assessment was performed by means of Montreal Cognitive(More)
The research was performed to find out the way in which students at the University of Split spend their leisure time and what was the portion of sporting activities in it in relation to self-appraisal of their health status. A sample of 449 subjects (mean age 21 years; 380 female and 69 male students) was surveyed by questionnaire. The results of the t-test(More)
Venous system can be classified as pulmonary veins, systemic veins and venous sinuses that are present only within the skull. Cerebral venous system is divided into two main parts, the superficial and the deep system. The main assignment of veins is to carry away deoxygenated blood and other maleficient materials from the tissues towards the heart. Veins(More)
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SUMMARY The main goal of this study was to search for possible differences in frequency and specificity of injuries between the Kinesiology students who attended the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb according to the old study program (4 years), and those who are attending the new study program (5 years). The sample was composed of 77 students(More)
SUMMARY Elite sport of disabled persons is a very demanding research area in view of a multidisciplinary approach. The goal of the research was to determine the magnitude and the trend of the relations between the measured motor abilities and anthropometric characteristics. Six tests of basic motor abilities have been measured, as well as three tests of the(More)
The study investigated differences in morphological, motor and functional abilities between folk and ballet dancers. The sample comprised 51 female subjects: Croatian National Ballet (N=30) and Croatian National Folk Ensemble "LADO" (N=21). The data regarding menstrual cycle, menarche, number of births and smoking habit were collected and the morphological,(More)
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