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Spinal cord neurons located in laminae I-III respond to nociceptive stimuli and participate in the transmission of painful information to the brain. In the present study we evaluated if nociceptive laminae I-III neurons are affected by oxidative stress damage in a model of diabetic neuropathic pain (DNP), the streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat (STZ rat).(More)
Determining the positions of unknown position nodes, especially mobile nodes in a wireless sensor network (WSN), is critical for many applications. It helps to identify the location of the collected data and of the node carrier such as a worker, patient or vehicle. This information is often critical on supporting the right (time) decisions. This paper(More)
As the Internet evolved, social networks (such as Facebook) have bloomed and brought together an astonishing number of users. Mashing up mobile phones and sensors with these social environments enables the creation of people-centric sensing systems which have great potential for expanding our current social networking usage. However, such systems also have(More)
Smartphones have spawned a new generation of people-centric sensing applications, where their sensors gather information from users to achieve a wide range of objectives, from fitness monitoring to the urban-wide management of traffic. The connections between devices are of utmost importance for these systems, in fact, switching between the multitude of(More)
Over the last years, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) went from being a promising technology for countless industrial applications to a de facto technology used in todays' applications. WSNs have been gaining momentum over costly wired technologies, offering low installation costs, self-organization, and added functionality. As a consequence of their enormous(More)
Over the last decade, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) went from being a promising technology to the main enabler of countless Internet of Things applications in all types of areas. In industry, WSNs are now used for monitoring and controlling industrial processes, with the benefits of low installation costs, self-organization, self-configuration, and added(More)
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