Duarte Miranda Neiva

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Sapwood, heartwood and bark of 70-year-old teak trees from an unmanaged stand in East Timor were characterized by pyrolysis (Py–GC–MS/FID). Sapwood and heartwood from teak presented a high lignin content (35.4 and 37.3 % of extractive-free wood) and similar composition. Teak wood is characterized by a GS type of lignin (56.0 % of G-units, 42.2 % of S-units(More)
These past years have seen an enormous development of the area of natural antioxidants and antimicrobials. Eucalyptus globulus is widely cultivated in subtropical and Mediterranean regions in intensive short rotation coppice plantations. In the Portuguese context, E. globulus is the third species in terms of forest area. The stump is the basal part of the(More)
Overaged trees of Eucalyptus globulus were evaluated to determine their aptitude for pulping with industrial chips as reference. The overaged wood was separated into sapwood and heartwood. Compared with industrial chips, the overaged E. globulus heartwood and sapwood contained approximately 1.5 times more extractives (3.8 vs. 5.2 and 5.9 %), similar amounts(More)
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